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The London is a rain barrel planter that is both aesthetic and functional. The upper part can be planted while the lower part collects rainwater. The planter is made from MDPE, ensuring durability and frost resistance.

It also features a 100mm access for inspection and cleaning and comes with a high-quality brass tap and accessories. The planter can be used as a water ornament or placed directly under an outdoor tap, allowing reuse of washwater.

  • Available in both 100 and 200 liters.

  • Super-slim, compact design, perfect for tight spaces.

  • Large, versatile planting area.

  • Opaque plastic reduces algae/microbial growth. Rotomolded for strength, durability, and long life.

  • Frost-resistant.

  • Easy access for inspection and cleaning through a 100mm access hatch.

  • Included accessories (High-quality 3/4" BSP brass tap and PTFE, 100mm access hatch).


Capacity: 100 or 200 liters

Dimensions for 100-liter: Height 90cm x width 40cm x depth 40cm

Dimensions for 200-liter: Height 110cm x width 55cm x depth 55cm

Accessories: Brass tap

Color Options

Zwart Graniet.jpg
Gewassen Terracotta.jpg
Groen Marmer.jpg
Outline 3.png
Outline 3.png
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