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The Prestige Vienna rain barrel is a classic rain barrel with an enormous capacity of 500 liters. Its design is based on historical iron water tanks that were widely used for external water storage. The rain barrel features a large planting area on the top, making enjoyable planting tasks easy to perform with water.

The planting area can be transformed into a planter, allowing decorative plants to be planted on top. The barrel is delivered sealed and can also be converted into a water ornament if needed. The tank has two large 120mm access ports, allowing for access to fittings, pumps, and backnuts if required.

Technical specifications:

Material: MDPE

Depth at the widest point: 700mm

Empty weight: 30 kg

Weight when full: 552 kg


Capacity: 500 liters

Dimensions: Height 90cm x width 120cm x depth 60cm

Accessories: Brass tap

Color Options

Zwart Graniet.jpg
Outline 3.png
Outline 3.png
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