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The Oslo Hogshead rain barrel is a beautiful creation made in the United Kingdom, directly modeled after an oak "hogshead" barrel showcased in The Times. This barrel carries an authentic oak wood appearance and is crafted from durable MDPE. The Oslo Hogshead comes in Oak and Toasted Oak colors. Hand-finished options are available to further enhance the authentic appearance, including a stunning metal band effect and rougher wooden panels.

The barrel features a planting space on top, allowing for easy potting with water within reach. The planting area can be equipped with a drainage hole to allow excess water to flow back into the barrel. It can also serve as a small water feature with a solar fountain or bird bath. The 120mm access cap (black) enables the installation of diverters and submersible pumps, with the outlet passing through the thumbhole. If you prefer a combined diverter/filter, you can choose the 3P Filter Collector Universal. For direct rainwater diversion from the downspout to the rain barrel, an overflow and hose are required for excess water.


  • Brass tap

  • Sealing cap


Capacity: 235 liters

Dimensions: Height 88cm x diameter 68cm

Accessories: Brass tap

Color Options

Toasted Oak.jpg
Toasted oak H_A.jpg
Oak H_A.jpg
Outline 3.png
Outline 3.png
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