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The Madrid Planters are beautiful additions to any outdoor space, offering ample room to house a variety of plants. With their different sizes and capacities, they are perfectly suited for creating vibrant and inviting garden and terrace environments. The Madrid M Planter has a capacity of 100 liters, while the Madrid L Planter is available in both 250-liter and 450-liter capacities. These various sizes provide flexibility when choosing the right size for your specific plant needs.

The dimensions of the Madrid M Planter are: a height of 52cm, a top diameter of 60cm, and a bottom diameter of 37cm. The Madrid L Planter has a height of 72cm, a top diameter of 80cm, and a bottom diameter of 48cm. For the largest variant, the Madrid XL Planter of 450 liters, the height is 90cm, the top diameter is 100cm, and the bottom diameter is 60cm.

The Madrid Planters are available in various colors, including black (B), grey (G), washed terracotta (WT), terracotta (T), and sandstone (S). If you have specific color preferences, it's possible to request other color options. They are made from high-quality materials that are durable and weather-resistant, ensuring they withstand various weather conditions.

Capacity: 100, 250, or 450 liters
Dimensions for 100L: Height 52cm x diameter (top) 60cm x (bottom) 37cm Dimensions for 250L: Height 72cm x diameter (top) 80cm x (bottom) 48cm Dimensions for 450L: Height 90cm x diameter (top) 100cm x (bottom) 60cm

Color Options

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