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London Stand

This stand is designed for use with the London 100 and 200 liter water butts. The London water butt features a tap at the bottom, allowing for optimal use of the butt's capacity. Placing the water butt on an elevation makes it easy to place a watering can under the tap for filling, enabling you to use every last drop of water.

The stand, made from robust steel, is specially designed to support the 100L and 200L London water butts. A protective powder coating ensures the stand is resistant to the elements. Installation is straightforward and requires a flat and stable surface.


Height: 30cm

Weight: 5kg

Material: Powder-coated steel

In a standard setup, with the London water butt directly on the ground, the weight of the water below the tap provides stability. When the water butt is elevated, it can be stabilized with a single fixing. This should be drilled through the top edge of the water butt and into the wall behind to secure the water butt against toppling in the wind, especially when it is empty. The required hole (6mm Ø) should be drilled in the center of the water butt, about 25mm below the top edge.

Outline 3.png
Outline 3.png
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