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The Berlin is the new version of the successful London rain barrel, featuring a modern geometric shape that plays with light and shadow. It's also a two-in-one planter and rain barrel, with the upper part available for planting while the lower part collects rainwater.

Made from high-quality, weather-resistant, and frost-resistant MDPE material, it comes with a 100mm access for inspection and cleaning, a brass tap, and a blank access cap that can be drilled for drainage. It can be used as a water ornament or placed directly under an outdoor tap for easy potting and cleaning.

  • Available in both 100 and 250 liters.

  • Super-slim, compact design, perfect for tight spaces.

  • Large, versatile planting area.

  • Opaque plastic reduces algae/microbial growth.

  • Rotomolded for strength and durability.

  • Easy access for inspection and cleaning.

  • High-quality 3/4" BSP brass tap and PTFE.


Capaciteit: 100 of 250 liter

Afmetingen 100L: 86cm x breedte 40cm x diepte 40cm

Afmetingen 250L: 110cm x breedte 55cm x diepte 55cm

Accessoires: Messing kraan

Color Options

Zwart Graniet.jpg
Gewassen Terracotta.jpg
Groen Marmer.jpg
Outline 3.png
Outline 3.png
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